Whether you need railcar mover equipment, service support, or railcar parts, you can trust that Shuttlewagon is ready to provide the optimal solution at the perfect moment, ensuring your railroad operations keep propelling your business forward.


• Does not require lifting of the railcar to borrow weight.
• Eliminates the risk of operator error from lifting the railcar too high
• Eliminates complicated hydraulic coupler maintenance
• No double coupling required to maximize tractive effort
• No reduction in pulling capacity when coupled to an empty railcar


  • Significantly increased traction & braking as compared to a steel wheel drive
    • Increased shock absorption with pneumatic tire cushioning
    • Reduced overall maintenance costs


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Commander NXT

Introducing the Commander NXT, the next generation of railcar movers that revolutionize the industry with its superior design, class-leading features, and trailblazing technology all in one powerful machine. The NXT doesn’t just meet expectations; it redefines them, setting a new standard in the realm of rail operations.

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Diesel Railcar Movers

The Diesel Series sets a new standard, delivering superior power, efficiency, and operational effectiveness for industrial rail applications. The cutting-edge machine boasts the largest power and drivetrain in the industry, plus patented stabilizing rail gear technology, it offers a comprehensive solution for your railcar moving needs.

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Diesel & Electric Railcar Movers

Standing uniquely in its category, the Shuttlewagon Electric Series stands out as the only railcar mover in the United States incorporating lithium-ion electric technology in their machines. This pioneering advancement propels us ahead of competitors, positioning your company as a pioneer in sustainable operations.

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Shuttlewagon Rentals

Elevate your railroad logistics with Shuttlewagon Rentals. Explore top-tier railcar mover solutions for short or long-term rentals, ensuring unmatched reliability and performance.

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Shuttlewagon Parts

Explore top-quality railcar mover parts for your Shuttlewagon Railcar Mover. From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, trust us for genuine OEM parts and peak performance.

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Shuttlewagon Service

Our experienced team offers comprehensive support, including maintenance, repairs, and field service, on all OEM railcar movers. Trust Foley to keep your rail operations running smoothly.

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For after-hour or weekend support, you can call your nearest branch store.


Shuttlewagon includes more standard safety features than any other brand. It’s important to keep safety measures top-of mind and to review best practices frequently in order to avoid dangerous workplace incidents. Integrated safety features that keep your team members safe:

  • Infinite Range Train Air Brakes for maximum brake control
  • Service Safety – No heavy “weight transfer” coupler beams or folding tires creating dangerous pinch points
  • Derail Prevention – No lifting rail car off the center pin
  • True 360° Visibility with or without cameras
  • Operator Safety – No cramped space for operators connecting train air hoses
  • Training – Included with every machine 

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