Repairs & Maintenance at Your Fingertips

We know sometimes it just makes sense for you to do your own maintenance or repairs. That’s why we now offer Cat Self-Service Options for a broad range of repairs. These packaged solutions give you everything you need to do the work yourself – in your shop or in the field.

All Cat Self-Service Options include:

  • Genuine Cat parts required to complete the repair
  • Service Instructions specific to your model
  • List of recommended tooling
  • Options to add related components that may be replaced at the same time

Preview the repair complexity and estimated time needed, prior to making a purchase. Plus, buy only the parts needed to keep your machine performing at its best.

Self-Service Options


Ready to perform your own maintenance and repairs? We have the tools you need. We periodically expand the list of available Cat Self-Service Options. Download the file to find if your model has Self-Service coverage. With the right parts, tooling, service instructions and technical support in one convenient package you will get back on the job in no time!



Compact Track Loaders 239-299 Multi-Terrain Loaders 247-297
Compact Wheel Loaders 901-918 Backhoe Loaders 414-450
Skid Steer Loaders 216-287 Mini Hydraulic Excavators 300-308
Small Wheel Loaders 918-938 Small Track-Type Tractors D3-D5
Telehandlers RT50-TL1255 Soil Compactors 423E, 433C, 433E, 44B, 533(D, E), 54, 54B, 55, 56B, 563(C, D, E)
Motor Graders 120(B, G, H, K, M), 140(G, H, K, M) Hydraulic Excavators 313D, 314(C, D, E), 315(B, C, D), 316E, 318D, 320(B, C, D, E), 321(C, D), 322(B, C), 323D, 324(D, E), 325(B, C, D), 329(D, E), 330(B, D, F)
Track-Type Tractors D4H, D5(H, M, N), D6(D, E, H, K, M, N, R, T) Wheel Loaders 950(G, H, K, L, M), 962H, 966(D, E, F, G, H, K, L, M), 970F, 972(G, H, K, M)