Combining equipment, technology and tools to help you build your business is what we do at Foley Equipment. Take a deep dive into how you can work smarter, faster and safer with these Cat and Foley tools and programs.

Cat® Equipment Management

Using Smartphone to scan machine problem

Foley Lynx

We’d like to introduce you to a Foley Equipment service support offering – Foley Lynx™. We use it to diagnose our Customer machine issues remotely. When visuals are needed on a call, the Foley Lynx Consultant simply sends the caller an invite via text. Once the caller accepts the invitation, they are immediately connected to an experienced Foley Lynx Consultant.

cat visionlink


VisionLink® takes the guesswork out of fleet management with key insights to maximize your fleet’s performance — regardless of your equipment manufacturer.

Collecting Oil Sample

SOS Fluid Analysis

What if you could save thousands of dollars in owning and operating costs every year just by just doing a single service? With Cat® S·O·S ℠ Services, you can. This routine check-up for your oil, coolant and fuel delivers valuable insights you can use to prevent unexpected failures and unplanned downtime.

Cat Inspect for Machines

Cat Inspect

Cat Inspect allows you to access your equipment data on your mobile device. This easy-to-use app lets you capture inspection data and integrates with your other Cat data systems, so you can keep a close eye on your fleet.

Machine QR Code

Cat Machine QR Codes

Cat is simplifying the process of accessing equipment-specific information, making it more convenient than ever. By scanning the QR code on your machine or engine, you can instantly retrieve parts and maintenance instructions tailored to your specific Cat machine.