Greasing Machine Joints

Don't Let One of Your Smallest Parts Become Your Weakest Link!

Pins. They’re typically low on the priority list, but high on the productivity list. It’s no secret that the longer parts last, the better your bottom line.

That’s why inspections, maintenance and proper replacement are critically important. You may not see it, but you could be ruining your pins. Poor maintenance can cost you up to 34 hours of downtime for services that could have been avoided.

Cat linkage pins and bearings are designed for outstanding strength and resistance to wear from abrasive and high-load conditions. Because they perform better and last longer, you get high productivity at lower costs.

Caterpillar parts and components are designed at the same time to precisely match machine and application requirements to every nut, bolt, seal and pin. This “system design” ensures all components work at top performance.

Linkage Pin Maintenance Matters

Linkage Pin Maintenance Matters

Linkage pin maintenance may not be high on the priority list, but it should be. Linkage pin joints are critical to the productivity of buckets, blades and many work tools. Without regular inspection and lubrication, your pins will not deliver the life and performance they are designed for. Loose pin joints can even affect a machine’s ability to perform precise tasks such as grading or payload monitoring.

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Here’s a look at what sets Cat linkage pins and assemblies apart for each machine and why it’s so important to maintain them for productivity.

Linkage Pins for Excavators

The bucket linkage on your excavator takes on the toughest part of your work, so it’s important to look for any worn, broken or missing parts. Here’s what to look for during your daily walk around inspection, beyond just the obvious issues. And you’ll see why spending a little more money upfront, can save you big dollars in the long run.

Linkage Pins for Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders are no stranger to abrasive and high load conditions. Warn and broken parts or loose bolts can cause inaccuracies leading the operator to an overload or underload situation. Here’s how to safely check the pins and assemblies on your wheel loader and what to look for during inspection.

Linkage Pins for Dozers

Pushing through rough terrain can take a toll on your pin joints.  Take a look at how to safely inspect the push arm pins along the back of the blade and, more importantly, what to look for during that inspection.

Linkage Pins for Motor Graders

From grading dirt and gravel to snow removal, the Motor Grader components take on tough materials. Here’s what to properly look for while inspecting the moldboard pivot pin and why overall proper maintenance is important to putting down a good grade.