Ground Engaging Tools (GET) aren't just tools

GET is a choice that can deliver real results for your operation — impacting machine performance by up to 20%. Why is Cat GET the right choice? We offer a full line of products for every machine in your fleet.

Cat Ground Engaging Tools (GET) are the only add-ons designed and built by the industry leader to perform alongside Cat buckets and machines. The result is a ground breaking system optimized for productivity the moment you hit the ground.

Cat Tips provide a number of key benefits, including:

Take A Closer Look At Cat Ground Engaging Tools

Ground Engaging Tools (GET) are more than just tools. They’re a choice that can drive results for your entire operation. With Cat GET, you receive access to a full line for your entire fleet, with industry-leading availability — any part, any machine, anytime, anywhere. And they’re always backed by Foley Equipment's unmatched service support. Take a closer look at Cat GET and the real results they’re delivering on customer sites, including 30% increases in wear life, 50% reductions in downtime and double the tip life.

Below are a few different types of ground engaging tools:


Bucket teeth adapters provide different levels of tip penetration into the soil. They work well on loaders, excavators, and scrapers to allow for a range of digging depths, and you can use them with both bolt-on bucket teeth and weld-on bucket teeth. They are instrumental in applications like mining, forestry, and construction that require powerful groundbreaking abilities.

Cutter Bits

Cutter bits are useful for cutting during paving and demolition. You can choose different specifications to optimize this tool for the material you’re using, the depth of the cut, and your machine’s horsepower.

Cutting Edges

Cutting edges are ideal for use with motor graders and scrapers. They come in different shapes, widths, and thicknesses, so you can tailor your choice to your unique grading and scraping requirements. They may be curved, with serrated edges to increase penetration capabilities into the soil, or they can be flat to reduce impact and abrasion.

Dozer Blades

Dozer blades allow you to increase a bulldozer’s soil penetration and groundbreaking capabilities so it can move more material with less downtime. You can also use dozer blades with tools like end bits and cutting edges for more options.

Side Bars and Edge Protectors

Side bars and edge protectors are useful on wheel loaders to guard against impact and reduce wear and tear. They help minimize machine damage and extend the machine’s lifespan.


Tips are indispensable on excavator buckets and wheel loaders because they offer increased strength and penetrative capabilities. They also absorb shocks to extend the machine’s lifespan.

Wear Parts

Wear protection parts such as roll bars, wear buttons, and wear blocks protect a machine from wear and tear. They typically feature two bonded layers for maximum protective abilities.