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A Cat machine is an investment in the future of your business. Cat machines are built to deliver a lifetime of performance and retain an industry-leading resale value, should you ever want to upgrade and sell.

To ensure your machines keep performing and maintain a high resale value, regular equipment servicing is required. Keeping your machines in tip-top condition will lower your overall running costs and increase the cash in your pocket.

However you choose to maintain your equipment, we’ve got the resources to help you do it right. From DIY maintenance & repair resources to concierge-level fleet maintenance solutions, we have options that fit every type of business.
Check out our many machine wear maintenance services below.


Since so much of your investment in heavy construction machinery rests on the maintenance and durability of the undercarriage system, it pays to take servicing it seriously. Foley Equipment provides the comprehensive expert undercarriage services our customers count on to keep their link and track rollers moving.


Machine Maintenance Services

Ground Engaging Tools (GET)

Ground engaging tools are the parts of your equipment that make contact with the ground or other materials during their work. The service team at Foley Equipment specializes in repair and maintenance of ground engaging tools.

Linkage Pins & Bearings

Cat linkage pins and bearings are designed for outstanding strength and resistance to wear from abrasive and high-load conditions. Because they perform better and last longer, you get high productivity at lower costs.

Seals & Fasteners

Genuine Cat seals and fasteners are made stronger to last longer in your Cat equipment and across your entire fleet. They’re small parts that play a big role in keeping your machines up, running and earning you money.