Tyler Conquest: Environmental Health & Safety Program Administrator

Tyler began ballet when she was five years old. Her dream of pursuing a professional dance career was ended by a knee injury in high school, so she needed to find a new plan for the future. Tyler began in the human resources world and is now an environmental health and safety program administrator at Foley Equipment.

Cortez Hopson: Parts Shipping & Receiving

Cortez Hopson enjoys working at Foley Equipment because of the people. Find out why he pursued his current job in parts shipping and receiving, plus hear his advice for others.

Corey Sharon: Master Equipment Technician

Corey grew up helping his uncle on the farm. He noticed how time-consuming and expensive it was to fix broken parts, so he was inspired to learn how to solve heavy equipment issues himself. Today, he uses those skills in his career at Foley Equipment.

Jorge Melendez: Truck Technician

La pasión de Jorge Meléndez por la reparación de camiones comenzó cuando empezó a trabajar en el auto de su padre a los 13 años. Hoy es técnico de camiones en Foley Equipment, donde trabaja con sus manos, continúa aprendiendo cada día. Descubra cómo obtuvo la formación que necesitaba y sus consejos para los demás.

Jorge Melendez's passion for repairing trucks began when he started working on his father's car at 13 years old. Today, he's a truck technician at Foley Equipment, where he gets to work with his hands, continue learning and more. Discover how he got the training he needed and his advice for others.

Bob Hooglugt: Undercarriage Technician

When Bob was a kid, he loved taking things apart and putting them back together. When he got older, he thought mechanics would be the perfect fit for his interests. As an undercarriage technician at Foley Equipment, he gets to repair, build and work on heavy equipment.

Francisco Gonzalez: Heavy Equipment Technician

As a heavy equipment technician at Foley Equipment, Francisco Gonzalez appreciates that every day is different. Francisco knows firsthand that you don't need a college degree to be successful, and he has some pointers for anyone hoping to get started in this industry.

Bob Schnurr: Parts Sales Representative

Bob Schnurr has always been intrigued by machinery. He began his career working on heavy equipment, then transitioned to a product support role. Bob enjoys his position at Foley Equipment because he gets to help people solve problems.