1. Intro

Running a small business means making strategic decisions every day that contribute to your long-term success. One of these decisions is whether to buy new or used equipment. As you analyze your options, don't overlook the value of Cat® Certified Used equipment from Foley Equipment. Used Cat equipment offers a smart way to stretch your budget without compromising on performance or reliability.

2. Cost-Effective Alternative

Making every dollar count in a small business setting is crucial for survival. Each financial choice weighs heavily, including decisions about your fleet. Consider buying Used Cat Equipment—an avenue that lets you maximize your budget effectively. The beauty of these machines lies in their competitive pricing. Used machines come at a fraction of the cost of their brand-new counterparts, carving out a budget-friendly path to bolster your equipment arsenal.

So, whether your operational needs call for Skid Steers, Backhoes, Dozers, Excavators, or Wheel Loaders, there's a good chance that a used model can fit the bill and keep your financial plans intact.

3. Reliable and Ready to Use

The notion that used implies cheap or low quality is far from the truth, particularly when it comes to Cat Certified Used equipment available from Foley Equipment. Each piece of equipment is inspected by a cat-trained technician and, when necessary, restored with genuine Cat parts before its made available for sale.

This process ensures you're investing in machines that are not just inspected, but trustworthy and primed for action. Foley provides comprehensive maintenance and repair services for all brands of heavy construction equipment, whether in our shop or at your worksite, we can service or repair your machine and get you back to work in no time.

4. Increased Variety for Your Fleet

Choosing used Cat equipment unlocks an extensive range of options for your fleet, thanks to the vast inventory offered by Foley Equipment. With branches peppered throughout Kansas and Missouri, the variety and volume of machinery available to you are significantly broadened. This rich catalog includes more than just large machinery—it extends to used attachments too, such as buckets, rippers, forks, and cold planers.

The choices we offer enable you to build the right solutions for your unique project requirements. Remember, in the realm of small business, variety isn't just the spice of life—it's a versatile key to unlocking greater productivity and efficiency.

5. Less Upfront Investment

Buying used Cat equipment gives you flexibility. This is a crucial advantage for small businesses operating within tighter budgets. It allows you to secure the necessary machinery without a hefty chunk of your capital tied up in the process.

Furthermore, the lower procurement cost also translates to a slower depreciation pace, which could potentially be a win for your business's long-term fiscal well-being. The beauty here is that with used Cat equipment, you are not just buying affordability, but a strategic move towards sustainable business health and future growth.

Serving Kansas & Missouri for over 80 years

Foley Equipment offers an array of inspected and work-ready used Cat® and non-Cat construction equipment to Customers across Kansas and Missouri. Dedicated to delivering exceptional value, we ensure you're equipped with top-tier machinery, parts, and services.

By choosing Foley, you're making a strategic decision that supports your budget—fundamental elements to propel your small business to new heights. Visit Foleyeq.com today or drop by one of our locations.

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