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Introducing Cat® Inspect

Cat Inspect is a new mobile and web-based app that provides you a convenient tool to produce paperless, consistent machine inspections.

The app is available for both Apple and Android systems.  It will assist you in several types of inspections including Technical Analysis inspections (TA1), Preventive Maintenance checklists (PM) and select mining forms.

The easy-to-use application lets you download and complete inspections as well as add pictures, comments and ratings.  The PM checklists are serial number specific to perform PM Service intervals as recommended in the Caterpillar Operation and Maintenance Manual. 

Cat Inspect offers these benefits:

Cat Inspect is available at the Apple, Android, and Windows app stores.  Downloads are required for each device.  In order to use this application, you must register at  Talk to your Foley Product Support rep for more information.

Cat Inspect Resources

Cat Inspect Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)