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Need a permanent back-up generator for entertainment purposes, or a rental generator for emergency power at an event?

Maybe you are you looking for forced air or seasonal temperature control to support year-round work?

Foley Power Solutions has both permanent and rental solutions to fit your temporary power needs, including generators, air compressors, heaters, chillers, and all related accessories.

Many of our generator sets are engineered for easy transporting, fast installation and are equipped to work alone or with other systems to deliver the event power that you need.

Best of all, the Foley Power Solutions team of experts are with you all the way to help you design a system, deliver equipment, and provide technical support, service, maintenance and training programs.

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See why Cat® Entertainment Services is called back to provide the safe and dependable power to take center stage.

Cat® Rental Power | 19 Generator Sets Power Music Festival


Summer Camp has grown to be one of the most popular summer music festivals in the United States, drawing more than 20,000 attendees from around the world to Central Illinois.

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Reliable electric power is the lifeblood of your business. Rely on Cat Rental Power for your temporary power needs.


Learn how individuals and communities are using Cat products and the product support from Foley Power Solutions to do great things.

Snowbird Ski And Summer Resort Powers Up

World-class skiing demands world-class hospitality, and the centerpiece at Snowbird is the Cliff Lodge & Spa, which features 562 luxury guest rooms, three restaurants, two lounges and more than 50,000 square feet of conference space.


If Renting, What Other Factors Should Be Considered?

Along with the event equipment, there are several other factors that affect what type of power equipment you’ll need to rent. Remember to include the following considerations as you decide on your power needs:

  • Temperature – Is your event planned for a particularly hot or cold period? Will you need additional temperature control equipment?
    Startup power. Some equipment, like sound equipment, needs more power at startup. Then its power consumption settles into lower usage. If your equipment needs more power when it’s starting up, do you need a secondary generator?
  • Time of the event – Will your event last for multiple days? If so, are there peak periods where you need more power? Alternately, can you use secondary, smaller generators in the evening?
  • Location of power sources – Is your equipment close together? If so, you may be able to use a single generator. If not, should you consider multiple generators spread throughout the site?
  • Special equipment needs – Does any equipment need its own generator? Is all equipment compatible with the same types of generators?
  • Long term consumption – Will you be running equipment for more than three hours consecutively?  These long-term power needs are called continuous loads. If some of your equipment has a continuous load, the generator’s power output will be reduced by approximately 10%.



Monitor, manage and enhance your operations to identify and resolve problems quickly – often before they result in costly repairs and unscheduled downtime.


Learn how a these equipment maintenance plans can provide protection and help minimize downtime with genuine Cat parts.


Need a generator, air compressor, temperature control unit for a short project? Foley Power Rental has you covered.


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