Routine Fluid Analysis Means a Healthy Bottom Line

Fluid analysis is the fastest, most accurate way to see what’s going on inside your engines and equipment. By using our online reporting system, you can get your results even faster and easily track them over time.


SOS Fluid Containers


What if you could save thousands of dollars in owning and operating costs every year just by just doing a single service? With Cat S·O·S ℠ Services, you can. This routine check-up for your oil, coolant and fuel delivers valuable insights you can use to prevent unexpected failures and unplanned downtime.

All you have to do is provide the sample. Our fluid analysis experts do the rest—using proprietary processes, sophisticated chemistry and the latest technology to reveal excessive wear, contaminated fluids or other “unseen” issues. You get reports you can understand and recommendations you can act on, fast.

SOS Fluid Collection On Site

Ready To Get Started?

With Cat Fluid Analysis, we provide you with a thorough, informative analysis of your equipment's fluid samples and save you money. Our new and improved SOS process gives you:

  • Large Particle Count
    This service provides additional information allowing us to catch failures before they happen.
  • Cat Certification
    Our lab has been certified by Cat.
  • Wear Analysis
    This monitors machine wear by detecting, identifying and assessing the amount and type of metal wear elements found in used oil.
  • Chemical & Physical Tests
    These tests detect the physical presence of unwanted fluids (water, fuel, antifreeze) in the oil.
  • Oil Conditional Analysis
    This identifies loss of lubricating properties by quantifying combustion by-products (soot, Sulphur, oxidation and nitration products).