Customer Value Agreement

Customer Value Agreements (CVAs)

Every piece of Cat® equipment regardless of whether it is a generator or engine is designed and built to provide maximum productivity and operating economy throughout its working life. Foley Power Solutions can help you maintain that built-in value through a Customer Value Agreement (CVA).

What is a Customer Value Agreement (CVA)?

Foley Power Solutions CVAs are tailored to fit your business needs. Our agreements can range simple Preventive Maintenance Kits to sophisticated Total Cost Performance Guarantees. No matter which option you choose, you can be assured that Foley Power Solutions will provide you with careful planning and ongoing attention that will help you succeed.

When you have a CVA with us, you have more time to do what you do best – run your business. Our trained technicians assist you by maintaining your equipment and driving down operating costs. In the end, everyone's goal is the same: helping you get more work done at a lower cost.

CVA Value Messages for Power Systems

Cat® Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) are tailored plans to keep your asset easy to own and ready to run. Regardless of your industry, CVAs from Foley Power Solutions offer a path to easy ownership and convenience in your day-to-day asset management.


Perhaps the most important feature of Foley Power Solutions CVA's are their flexibility. There are no preset requirements or specific products and services that you must agree to buy before setting up a CVA. In every case and with every machine, a CVA is an individualized plan for that piece of equipment. Depending on your needs, your CVA costs can be a monthly flat-rate fee or some other arrangement based on actual production hours.

Your agreement may include as few or as many engines as you wish. Foley Power Solutions will work with you to determine the best support to maximize your engine's productivity and minimize costs.

Customers Share CVA Experiences

Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) can provide different things for different customers, but don't take our word for it! Hear from customers across the country. From Kansas City to El Paso to Phoenix, these customers show how CVAs impact their business in four key areas.


Customized CVAs

Customized CVAs

Customized Agreements

A wide variety of options are available to ensure you receive the right CVA for your business needs. Here are just a few of the many choices:

  • Available Services Preventive Maintenance: Kits, filter & fluid changes, grease, lube
  • S·O·S Fluid Analysis
  • Equipment Inspections (Visual & Technical)
  • Operator Training Consulting
  • Work Performed On-site or in our Service Facilities Minor Equipment Repairs
  • Rental/Lease Options to ensure Full Availability

Benefits of Coverage

  • Parts Availability
  • Expedited Service Turnaround Time
  • 100% Genuine Cat Parts
  • Expert Technicians – Service & Consulting
  • Flexible Financing/Payment Options
  • Fixed Prices
  • We’ll handle all of the paperwork!
Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is one of the most effective ways to keep operating costs under control. But equipment maintenance is just one of your responsibilities—and if not managed effectively, it can keep you away from other business functions. We can create an agreement that places responsibility for preventive maintenance with our experienced technicians. In our shop or on your job site, all services are performed to factory specifications.

  • Highly trained technicians inspect and maintain your equipment.
  • Written reports and analysis provide additional indicators that should be addressed to prevent costly repairs.
  • S•O•S Fluid Analysis maximizes equipment life by identifying potential concerns and abnormal wear.
Total maintenance and repair

Total Maintenance and Repair (TM&R) Agreements

Depending on your existing resources, a Total Maintenance and Repair Agreement may be your best option for maximum productivity and cost savings. We can provide all maintenance and repair for a pre-set price, for a specified period of time. Repair management and planned component replacement are important elements of this option.

A TM&R Agreement can ensure that you achieve the longest possible equipment life at the lowest possible cost per hour of operation.


Equipment Inspections Programs

Our trained technicians provide complete inspection programs using years of experience and the most advanced diagnostic tools. Inspections are performed at factory-recommended intervals, and written reports are provided to let you know what’s going on with your equipment and help you make more informed equipment management decisions.

Major Components

Major Component Service Programs

Choose a specific machine system—engine, hydraulics, drive train, transmission or undercarriage, for example—and focus expert attention on the repair and maintenance of these components. This expertise supplements your current resources and strengthens your overall maintenance and repair program.