Cat Batteries

Quality, Long-Life Batteries For A Wide Range of Applications

You count on your equipment to endure extreme weather, navigate extreme terrain and perform extreme jobs.

We get it. That’s why Caterpillar goes to extremes in design and testing standards to power your equipment with the best batteries in the business. Cat® Premium High Output (PHO) batteries out-test, out-perform and outlast the competition to ensure your equipment can go all-out for the long haul, even in the harshest environments.

Both Cat Battery lines are offered worldwide in popular Battery Council International (BCI) group sizes for Cat and other manufacturers’ equipment.

They are available in Maintenance Free Accessible or Maintenance Free designs. A Maintenance Free Accessible battery design has caps for monitoring and maintaining electrolyte fluid levels. This is the key difference between Maintenance Free Accessible and Maintenance Free batteries. They are also available in wet or dry configurations.

Although all of the Cat batteries are ‘wet cell’ or ‘flooded’ batteries, they can either be wet-charged or dry-charged, meaning the electrolyte solution can be included or excluded in the battery when it is shipped.

Cat Battery Label

Highest Performance Ratings In The Industry

Cat Premium High Output (PHO) Batteries are used in all Cat Equipment and Generator Sets. They are designed with demanding specifications to provide industry leading Cold Cranking Amp (CCA) capability, up to 1500 CCA—and maximum
vibration resistance.

They supply sure starting power and last longer in all climates. Due to their high CCAs and reserve capacities, Cat PHO Batteries have the highest performance ratings in the industry.

  • Vibration resistance that’s 5X's the industry standard
  • Easier starts because less capacity is used
  • Exclusive flat top design of Maintenance Free Accessible PHO Batteries reduces maintenance costs
  • Lowest owning and operating costs

Cat Batteries: Maximum Starting Power, Every Time

One of the most common reasons a machine fails to start is a dead battery. You don’t have time for that — and that’s why Cat® batteries are made to outperform and outlast the competition. Take a closer look at the Cat battery options available, including Premium High Output (PHO) and General Duty (GD), and discover how they’re made differently and tested more rigorously so you can count on them to start every time.

Cat Battery Applications


Premium High Output Maintenance Free Accessible Batteries in BCI group sizes 4D, 8D and 31. High CCA capability. General Service Line Valve Regulated (VRLA) Gel Batteries for UPS or stationary power applications


A wide selection of premium batteries in most BCI group sizes for light commercial, recreational, agricultural and industrial applications.


Premium High Output Maintenance Free Accessible Batteries in BCI group sizes 4D, 8D and 31. Industry leading CCA and maximum vibration resistance.


A wide selection of popular BCI group sizes. Maintenance Free Accessible, Severe Service and Deep Cycle models. Application-specific BCI group 31 Truck Batteries.


Marine Commercial Vessels: Maintenance Free Accessible Batteries in BCI group sizes 4D, 8D and 31. General Service Line Valve Regulated (VRLA) Gel Batteries. High marine cranking amps and deep cycling capabilities.

Marine Pleasure Craft: Premium High Output Batteries in BCI group 31 sizes. Dual Terminal Deep Cycle Batteries. General Service Line BCI group 24M, 27M and 8V sizes.

Cat Battery Illustration Infographic