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Foley Power Solutions Rental Power Planner

Foley Power Solutions Rental has partnered with businesses across the United States to provide sales, service and rentals of standby generators and emergency gensets for decades. One call to Foley Power Solutions starts your planning process. We can provide emergency electricity including:

Initial Planning

Arranging for equipment is only the first step in emergency power planning. The true test of a plan is how well it functions in practice.

Foley Power Solutions Emergency PlanningA power outage alone can create major logistical challenges as public agencies and businesses rush to provide temporary power.

For example, an outage affecting a large area can require the shipment of hundreds or even thousands of rental generator sets within days. The challenges multiply after a natural disaster, as delivery of power must coordinate with the distribution of many competing necessities such as medical supplies, food, clothing, household goods and building materials.

An effective plan assigns priorities to all major goods, services and their delivery. In a nation that increasingly depends on electricity, a strong argument can be made for giving top priority to back-up power. The sooner power is installed, the more efficiently all other materials and services can be delivered. Emergency planners must ensure that power for all purposes, both public and private, arrives where it is needed and as quickly as possible.

Finances are another stumbling block to be avoided. As part of planning, emergency management agencies should agree on payment terms with rental power suppliers. This may include issuing a letter of credit from a financial institution or budgeting the necessary funds.

Fine Tune Your Plan

An emergency plan is a living document. It should be revisited and updated regularly.

Test your plan by involving the local electric utility in simulation drills. During an actual emergency, coordination between utility staff and emergency personnel can improve the use of back-up power.

While unplanned emergencies and disasters are unpredictable, a solid plan immediately moves recovery several steps forward. It makes critical actions easier and provides a basis for sound decision making as the event unfolds.