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Learn. Earn. Achieve. Advance. Coming out of high school and looking for a career track? The ThinkBIG program at Oklahoma State University or State Technical College of Missouri can set you up for success. The ThinkBIG program gives you the knowledge you need to succeed and Foley can open the door with internship opportunities.

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The Heavy Equipment and Vehicle Institute (HEVi) at Oklahoma State University - Okmulgee, working in close relationship with the sponsoring Cat dealers, administer the program activities. Foley Equipment supports this program and sponsors students who are interested in completing the program. Click here to learn more!

OSU Institute of Technology

The purpose and objective of the Cat Dealer Service Technician Program is to prepare candidates for entry into the workplace at a Cat dealership as a service technician - while completing curriculum that leads to a college degree. Click here to learn more!

Here's What Graduates Of The Program Say About ThinkBIG!


Jake Meyer, Technician, Foley Equipment
I would highly recommend the State Technical College of Missouri Cat program. The courses are Cat specific with good training modules. What makes the Cat program stand out is what you don't learn in the classroom you learn during your internship. Unlike other schools, this helps you to get your foot in the door before you even graduate making it a smooth transition to becoming a full time technician. If I had to make the choice again I would definitely choose the State Technical College of Missouri Cat program.
Scott Koehler, Equipment Tech III, Foley Equipment
I would recommend this program to anyone interested in becoming a Cat dealer service technician. You are able to walk away with a degree that no one can take away from you and can be applied in multiple aspects of a dealer operation. I hope that interest in this program continues to grow. Good reliable technicians are in short supply and I think this program produces such people.
Daniel Couey, Equipment Tech II, Foley Equipment
Not only are you investing in the future but Foley is investing in your future; they provide a basic set of tools and toolbox and some assistance with financial aid. It teaches you the basics and teaches you how to find what you don't know. Foley also sends you to training in the future to learn specific things because they care about your progression as a technician.
Austin Huitt, Technician, Foley Equipment
The Think Big program is an excellent start to a career in the heavy equipment industry. State Technical College of Missouri begins with giving you knowledge on how each component in a piece of equipment works. This is done through the combination of instructional manuals and lab training giving you great insight on both operation and disassembly of each component. This is reinforced with excellent hands-on training by the dealer. As an intern you are able to gain working knowledge of how a dealer technician takes the necessary steps to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair equipment so that our customers can get back to work as quickly as possible. I would recommend the Think Big program to anyone. I don't think there is any better start to gaining good knowledge and good experience as an equipment technician.
Kurt Williams, Equipment Tech II, Foley Rebuild Center
For those looking to get in this field, you couldn't ask for a better program. The instructors for the clas are very knowledgeable in all areas. Of course, they can't teach you everything you'll run into but that is where the internship comes in. Another plus to this program, especially through Foley, is that you are given a good starter set of tools with a box at no cost. This was very helpful! There are other programs out there but in my opinion, there are none that offer what you get from the OSU program. Not to mention that you will have a degree when you are done instead of just a certificate of completion.

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