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Cat® Product Link™ redefines fleet management effectiveness. Its easy-to-use interface, called VisionLink®, enables customized health and utilization reports, mapping and mixed fleet capabilities. Product Link then transmits the information via cell and satellite. Product Link connects customers to our world-class Cat dealer network. Product Link gets you accurate, timely and useful information about the location, utilization and condition of your equipment—the kind of information that can make a huge difference in the efficiency and costs of your entire operation. It pays to know the Cat Product Link. Get Connected – Contact your Foley rep to discuss how Product Link can help save you money.



PL542 Cellular RadioThe PL542 is a cellular telematics device that records data from your equipment and transmits it to Caterpillar for easy viewing in a Product Link™ user interface, such as the VisionLink® web application. These instructions provide you with a few simple steps to follow in order to quickly and easily install and register your PL542. For further assistance, please contact your local Cat® dealer.

The LED lights on the PL542 are designed to verify the data types that are coming from the machine prior to installation. The lights are listed in order as they appear from left to right on the device. 

Orange light: This light should remain solid within a few minutes of installation. This indicates that the device has received a good GPS signal. 

Yellow light: This light should remain solid within a few minutes of installation. This indicates that the device has made a good connection to the internet.

White light: This light indicates usage of the WIFI antenna.

Blue light: The blue LED light assists the installer in determining what data is provided by the machine over its data links. Most Cat machines provide the data elements necessary to enable the PL542 to transmit hours and fuel information.


Blue LED off: No data link traffic.

Blue LED flashing every 4 seconds: Data link traffic may be present, but not the parameters that the PL542 requires. PL542 installation not recommended on the asset.

Blue LED flashing every second: Engine Speed present (critical for start stops)

Blue LED flashing 4 times per second: Engine speed + total fuel present

Solid blue LED: Engine speed + total fuel + fuel level present (required information for a Cat Essentials subscription)


This kit includes the PL542 itself, along with the required mounting hardware. There are 5 wiring harnesses that can be used for your installation, depending on the machine you are installing on. Please note, that these harnesses must be ordered separately from the PL542 kit.

510-4065: Used for installing on Cat machines with the standard 9 pin, grey service port.
510-4063: Used for installing on the newer Cat machines, that have the 14 pin service port.

523-5668: 12 pin deutsch connector on the machine side. This is for some OEM machines, including Komatsu.
523-5669: 9 pin, standard service port connector. OEM machines, including John Deere, Case, Hitachi, Kawasaki, and JCB.
525-4950: OBDII connector on the machine connector side for some Machines that do not have one of the common service ports from the other harnesses.
First find the service port, or other connector on the machine that you plan to install on. Next, verify that the connector you are using on the machine matches the wiring on the harness. Please use the following considerations when considering where to mount the device:
› The mounting location must be clean of dirt and debris
› The device must be mounted horizontally to the sky.
› The PL542 must be mounted with clear line of site to the sky in order to receive GPS Location. If a cover is blocking the device, it must be a non-metallic cover.
› The PL542 must be located more than 7.87" from the machine operator to comply with FCC regulations for RF human body safety

The PL542 can be registered either with the phone application Cat Activate, or by contacting your local dealer. Cat Activate is available for use by both dealer and customers with CWS IDs. Cat Activate is available for download from the Google Play Store, along with the Apple App store.

The PL542 can take between 5 and 10 minutes from the time it is installed, and powered on in order to register in the Caterpillar databases. Once it has registered, it is possible to find the device in Cat Activate in order to set the Product ID, or Machine Serial Number.

Search Equipment: This option allows you to type in the serial number of the PL542, and search for it.

QR Scanner: This option allows you to use the camera on your phone to scan the 2D Bar Code. This is the recommended way to find a PL542.

Equipment Locator: This option will show you a map of the potential Product Link devices around you that could be registered.


Once the device is found in Cat Activate, use the “Add Serial” Plus (+) button in order to add the serial number of the machine. 

Once the device is registered to the Product ID of the Caterpillar machine, or the Machine Serial Number of the OEM machine, the installation process is complete.

Cat Activate can also be used to set up the subscription into VisionLink. For most Cat machines, and Equipment Data (ED) record is probably already present. However, for most OEM machines, you may need to contact your servicing dealer in order to create an ED record prior to setting the subscription.