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OSU CAT Dealer Program

OSU Institute of TechnologyProgram Summary

Scholarships, Free Tools & Toolbox

Each Foley sponsored student receives a $1,200 scholarship.  Sponsored students also receive required tools and toolbox worth $14,000.

Here’s what some past students have to say about the program and opportunity:

Kurt Williams, Equipment Tech II
Foley Rebuild Center

“For those that are actually looking at getting into this field, you couldn’t ask for a better program. The instructors for the class are very knowledgeable in all needed area. Of course they cannot teach you everything that you will ever run into but that is where the internship comes in. Another plus to this program, especially through Foley, is that you are given a good starter set of tools with box at no cost to the student. This was very helpful. There are other programs out there, but in my opinion there are none that can offer what you get from the OSU program. Not to mention that you will have a degree when you are done instead of a certificate of completion that you get from other programs.”

Scott Koehler, Equipment Tech III
Foley Equipment

“I would recommend the program to anyone interested in becoming a Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician. You are able to walk away with a degree that no one can take away from you and can be applied in multiple aspects of a dealer operation. I hope that interest in this program continually grows. Good reliable technicians are in short supply these days, and I think this program produces such people.”

Daniel Couey, Equipment Tech II
Foley Equipment

“Not only are you investing in the future but Foley is investing in your future, they provide a basic set of tools and toolbox, and some small assistance with financial aid.  It teaches you the basics and teaches you how to find what you don’t know. Foley also sends you to training in the future to learn specific things because they care about your progression as a technician.”

You can visit the OSU – Institute of Technology’s Website to learn more about the CAT Dealer Prep Program that Foley supports.

If you’d like additional detailed information about this program, contact Human Resources at 316-943-4211.