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Super Track, Super Solution

02/07/2012 12:00:00

Foley often talks about selling solutions, not selling products.  Here’s a great example of what we mean.

Jim Wright, Special Projects Manager for Montgomery County, called Rodney Warren, Foley Product Support Rep in Chanute, to discuss issues they were having with their 287C undercarriage.

Problem:  The State of Kansas did an analysis on Montgomery County rivers and creeks and found 34 bridges were in serious need of large rip rap.  (Rip rap is large stone 8” to 12” in diameter used to fill in under bridges to prevent erosion.)  They identified another 143 bridges requiring smaller rip rap.

The State started working on the worst of the bridges and in doing so destroyed two of the rubber track undercarriage systems after just 18 bridge repairs.  This resulted in approximately $20,000 worth of repair costs on the rubber track undercarriage system on their 287C MTL.

Wright and Warren discussed alternative machines including small dozers, track loaders or wheel loaders that might stand up to the punishment.  They kept coming back to the 287 as the preferred machine for the job as it was the right size to get up under the bridges and place the rip rap.  They also liked the versatility of being able to use multiple attachments with it.

Solution:  Wright suggested a steel undercarriage might be ideal so Warren went about searching for a conversion.  He found one in a bolt-on kit available with Super Tracks in Florida.  The basics of the kit uses D3G tracks and rollers on a modified 289C roller frame.  Price:  $30,000 installed.

Follow-up:  Wright reported approximately two weeks after the conversion that their operator calls the 287 a “Little Monster” saying it pushes mud like crazy.

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287C Before Conversion:


Super Track Kit:
Super Track

287C After Conversion:
287C After