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Motor Grader Operations

There’s a reason why motor graders are essential pieces of equipment for many types of businesses and industries. Whether your work involves road maintenance, commercial construction or a variety of other rugged applications, a quality motor grader helps get the job done in less time and effort and it is important to understand Motor Grader operations. You get the productivity of a powerful machine capable of operating in the most challenging work environments, with the versatility and precision to efficiently handle complex tasks.

Motor Grader Controls

Modern motor grader controls are designed to provide optimal comfort and precision for a safer and more productive work site. Actions such as machine direction and speed on late-model equipment is controlled by hydraulic joystick rather than conventional lever controls that require greater effort and experience. On the joystick, a series of thumb-actuated offset controls are utilized for adjusting hydraulic performance. Primary left-side joystick motor grader controls include:

A second, right-side joystick controls drawbar, circle and moldboard functions including:

Motor Grader Operations and Functions

A motor grader plays an integral role in building and maintaining roads by performing critical applications throughout the process. Through the utilization of a large selection of work tools and attachments, motor graders can be fitted to perform grading and finishing, ditch and slope work, ripping, scarifying and even snow removal and roadwork. Motor graders commonly come with features such as load-sensing hydraulics and grade-control technology to ensure predictable, consistent performance and smooth, accurate grading. When shopping for used motor graders for sale, it’s important to carefully analyze your needs based on the type of applications and demands. From the blade width and power rating to the model age and available technology, having a clear understanding of what’s required will help you find the most efficient fit.

Choosing the Right Motor Graders

If you’re considering buying a new or used motor grader, a reliable heavy equipment dealership can be a valuable resource for expert advice and a local inventory of quality equipment. Cat Motor Graders offer the latest technology and comfort features to make productivity easy. Foley Equipment can help you find the right equipment for any job. Browse our site for more information on motor graders for sale and to see a full inventory list of new and used motor graders.

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