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Foley Scholarship

Foley Equipment Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is established to support mechanically-inclined high school students seeking a technical college or post-secondary degree focused on a career in heavy equipment, diesel, and/or electric power generation.

The students eligible for assistance shall be:

  1. Current high school seniors with a minimum 2.5 GPA their senior year; and
  2. Pursuing a degree and career in diesel technology, heavy equipment or electric power generation
  3. Planning to attend a 2 year college or technical school

Preference will be given to women and minorities. This scholarship is renewable for up to 2 years as long as the student remains eligible.

AWARD: $1,000

ANTICIPATED TOTAL: $2,000.00 (anticipated total amount over the full term of this award)

DEADLINE: 04/15/2021


Supplemental Questions:

  1. What area are you interested in pursuing? (drop down with options for the different career options: heavy equipment, diesel power generation, electric power generation)
  2. Why do you want to pursue a degree in the field you selected?
  3. What do you hope to do with your career?
  4. Please upload a letter of recommendation.

Additional support provided by Foley:

  1. Coach/Career Assistance – our Technician Recruiter can be a resource for you during your certificate or college program and provide information on career options at Foley
  2. Internship – Foley can provide internship opportunities during school breaks providing an opportunity for hands-on experience 

What Foley can offer you:

Students receive a “last-dollar” scholarship which pays tuition, books, fees and supplies for students after any financial aid received is applied. Bills are sent to the Community Foundation and then payment is made directly to the institution.