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Financing Options

You can count on Foley Equipment to provide the best financing solution for your business. Whether your looking to finance a piece of Cat® construction equipment or a generator for your facility we will help you get the most out of your investment.

Selecting the right financing option can be as important as choosing the right equipment to do the job. We work closely with Cat Financial to give you the option you need in purchasing a new or used piece of equipment.

Finance Lease

Benefits Include:

Value Option Lease

For the customer who wants to use the equipment, but would like the option of purchasing it at a predetermined price.

Benefits Include:

Rental Purchase Options (RPOs)

For the customer that interested in equipment rental, Foley Equipment offers three Rental Purchase Options for qualified customers.
Examples of RPOs:

Government Lease/Purchase

For qualified* non-federal governmental agencies who desire special low interest rates and flexible finance terms. Please note that you may need voter approval as you would with local bond insurance.
Benefits Include:
* Non-federal government agencies with taxing, condemnation or policy authority qualify for this special plan. City, county and state governments; public authorities; and school, park and water conservation districts are just a few of the various agencies that qualify.