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Model Certified Used Manufacturer Year Product Type Hours Price
963D CATERPILLAR 2015 TRACK LOADERS 2246 $262,700
963K CATERPILLAR 2015 TRACK LOADERS 2379 $260,700
953C CATERPILLAR 2003 TRACK LOADERS 5488 $101,400
963C CATERPILLAR 2005 TRACK LOADERS 4383 $111,000
963C CATERPILLAR 2007 TRACK LOADERS 5124 $115,000
963D CATERPILLAR 2014 TRACK LOADERS 3993 $246,580
963D CATERPILLAR 2013 TRACK LOADERS 2396 $229,000
953D CATERPILLAR 2015 TRACK LOADERS 1736 $192,000

Equipment availability and pricing subject to change at any time, contact Foley for most up to date information. Prices listed are equipment price only, tax and freight are not included. Offer available to customers in the continental USA only and cannot be combined with any other offers. Foley standard used equipment terms and conditions apply to all sales. Offers may change without prior notice, additional terms and conditions may apply.